Money doesn't come easy to you? It's time to change that!

Destination: Wealth

Enrolling in the Destination: Wealth means creating long, easy and successful relationship with money. Where your financials goals go from being an unfulfilled fantasy... to a reality you actually live.


Your soul is screaming for a simplified, actionable, and effective AF crash-course in Wealth Energy that's been proven to work. And your Higher Self led you here.




Destination: Wealth is a 5-week deep-dive program taught exclusively by Elizaveta Sullivan — a celebrity Psychologist; personal development Mentor; world renown Spiritual Teacher, and abundance Coach to *hundreds of women.


Destination: Wealth has been intentionally designed and curated to give you the best of the best when it comes to psychological financial techniques, money energy principles, and success strategies. Most importantly of all, Destination: Wealth is uniquely results-driven. Because it's mainly the RESULTS that matter, right?


This is the only program that you will ever need when it comes to creating your dream life.


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Receive psychologically based mental tools to rapidly upgrade your life. As a practicing certified clinical phycologist, Elizaveta always prioritizes applied methods and tools from clinical psychology. Through these instruments you will learn how to handle money, increase income and restructure the way you think money is earned. Remember: your reality is the reflection of what you believe in

Connect straight to the energy of the wealthiest place in the world. One of the most unique things about this course is the energetic field. The course was filmed in Dubai, so you can tune into it’s egregor (bio-field, collective energy) of abundance and wealth. Through this program you will be channeling the energies that change your electromagnetic field connecting you to the luxury and abundance of Dubai.

Change your reality, not just your mind! There are so much information in the field, that too many people get lost in. You can read 1000 books, subscribe to 1000 gurus - but let’s be honest - does your LIFE really change? I’m a believer that the main aim is the upgrade in your lifestyle! My goal is to leave you with visible and tangible results, improved financial situation and a new state of mind after the course.

Every DESTINATION course is shot and created at the location that represents the main energy of the program

Meet the energy of WEALTH



When I was choosing a location for DESTINATION: WEALTH - there was no question Dubai should be it’s holder.  One Arabic proverb says "Daba Dubai", meaning "They came with a lot of money." Actually, it perfectly describes this city, as today Dubai is the world’s center of business, finance, luxurious tourism and shopping. You will find most prestigious hotels, gigantic malls with best brand shops, top restaurants, ultra-modern infrastructure, tallest buildings, and even an artificial archipelago. Dubai’s motto is ‘EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE’  – as long as you have a wish - you will transform your reality. Dubai is the home of over 420 Guinness records with tallest buildings, biggest sculptures, best hotels. This city is the concentration of the abundance and wealth of our world.  In this course you will feel an enormous energy, as your own bio-field changes and you get tuned into this luxurious and unstoppable flow.


Money doesn’t come easy to you. You’re used to financial pain, limitations, and stress. Your financial situation is far from ideal, and money struggles have taken away from you enough time, energy, and happiness. 

Result - Learn how to earn money joyfully and effortlessly, and forever forget about the fear of losing it. 

You feel that you’ve reached your financial ceiling and don’t know how to increase your results. This is the stopping point, and no matter what you do the rest doesn’t change. You know you’re ready for the next level but don’t have the right instruments to get there.

Result - Find your personal growth points, bring to light your real wishes and dreams that will energize new patterns, and making the current financial ceiling - your floor.

You went through a big change. It might’ve been a divorce, losing a job, or depression - your life overcame a crisis and now it’s time to re-establish yourself in the new circumstances. It will never be the same as before - so the next step is to REINVENT yourself to finally live the life you deserve. 

Result - Start living in the position of the author of your life and rebuild your reality. It is all in your power, and this course is your SIGN!


my clients  Clinical Psychologist
my clients  Clinical Hypnotherapist
my clients  NLP Master
my clients  Gestalt Therapist
my clients  Certified Life Coach
my clients  Theta Healer
my clients  Influencer and Blogger

Let’s get straight to the point.

Most of everything you’ve ever been taught about financial abundance is WRONG.

It’s ineffective. It’s counterproductive. And quite simply, it’s just NOT working.

Two 2 of my main life purposes: growth and pleasure. I grow to get more pleasure in life. I get more pleasure in life to grow. 

    I come from a very diverse background that plays a huge part in what I’ve become. I love teaching that you can only become you after you accept all the aspects of your personality, your story, and your path.

   Coming from a musical background, I have played on Broadway and west end in musicals, following with my rock n roll career…. Ironically when it was starting to take off, I was falling down deeper. I completely lost my sense of self, battling drug, sex, and alcohol addictions. After coming too close to the other side via two overdoses I knew I can’t continue like that. I set a wish… to meet a partner. That was what I wanted, truly wanted, at that moment. 4 weeks later I was engaged to my twin flame, my soul mate, and my best friend. 

    That started my journey as a teacher of ‘Becoming the Author of Your Life’- my flagship course; and a creator of the project ‘DESTINATION’. I have been trained and certified in most of the teachings you know or have heard of, including some that you probably don’t even know - clinical psychology, gestalt therapy, nlp, theta healing, hypnotherapy, coaching, shamanism, pranayama, Zen Buddhism, and many more. 

    I study over 4 hours a day because, trying everything on myself, gives me the most passion and energy in life when I see my personal results amongst the results of my clients. Currently, I’m expanding my brand and my teachings to more people. I want to touch more hearts. I want to spread the joy of elevation and give the excitement of when you first start seeing physical changes in the reality that YOU have created.


10 video lessons + 4 extra BONUS classes


What you get:

 10 Video lessons from the main part of the course. Each lesson is carefully crafted to have a user-friendly video interface, supporting texts, and most importantly home tasks - doing which will bring the tangible change into your reality and transform your results.

Feedback from a certified curator, or Elizaveta herself,  who will help you overcome any difficulties along the way. We will make sure you don’t give up halfway, keep you on the right path, and lead you to the desired outcome.

Bonus lessons, practices, and surprise GUEST SPEAKERS for your future development! The progress never stops – become a better version of yourself every day! Ask yourself - was today worth giving a day of your life?



Dominique Rodrigues 

(CEO of tech company; entrepreneur)

First of all I wanted to thank Elizaveta for letting me join your Destination Wealth program. It's been 3 months and WOW...

Here I am! I have upped my prices 3 times. 3 TIMES! Now my income has not just doubled but tripled all in 3 months. And I didn't change anything I was doing - I just changed myself. 

Bryant Wood

(celebrity breath facilitator, influencer)

Elizaveta has a unique perception on life that shifts you inwards to a more expansive existence. She has created a great system to help you master the spiritual and material manifestation process. She's a true talent and I love her energy!


If you made it this far down this page, it’s probably because you’re considering enrolling into The Destination: WEALTH.


You might be asking yourself how things will be different this time… worried you might invest in “another one of those programs” and not see results.


I know we don’t know each other yet, but I can promise you this: There is nothing I leave out of The Destination: WEALTH when it comes to fully transforming your reality as you know it.


This isn’t one of those courses where I’m going to offer you an upsell to the “next level” or leave out some “expert secrets” that you’re not ready for, and can find in the “graduate program.”


I can’t ever bring myself to do that.

I’m laying it all out for you. I’m making it easy on you. The Destination: WEALTH is where your long journey of seeing very little results for your investment ENDS.


I know it’s a big commitment, and you might be feeling a little scared right now…


But let me ask you this: If fear hasn’t yet given you the results that you are looking for… why not try something new?


Why not play a game?


 Why not play a game that for the next 5 weeks, you will show up in your life as if your success is already inevitable? That the entire Universe is conspiring in your favor? That your intuition, your subconscious mind,  your soul, your inner guidance led you to this program for a reason… and that it never leads you astray?


If you’re afraid of trying something new… you may never experience the success you deserve.


It’s a harsh reality, but it’s true.


Only when you take a risk… bet on yourself.. try something new… does the Universe show up for you in a really big way. 


I’ll be here to guide you. You will get the BEST transformational abundance program you’ve ever experienced in your entire life, but you must show up for yourself first, and push that SIGN UP button to see the effects.

Come witness what happens when you decide to fully go for it and take action on what you deserve most in life.

Money Master


beginner's guide

  • 10 Video lessons
  • 4 bonus lessons with guest speakers
  • 3 month access to the course
  • Secret mini course '7 Day Money Magnet Challenge'
  • Money Meditation bundle


3 Monthly Payments
333.00 USD

Wealth Master


Most Popular

  • 10 Video lessons
  • 4 bonus lessons with guest speakers
  • 3 month access to the course
  • Secret mini course '7 Day Money Magnet Challenge'
  • Money Meditation bundle
  • guidance by professional tutors
  • chat group with Elizaveta
  • home tasks feedback


3 Monthly Payments
491.66 USD

Abundance Master



  • 10 Video lessons
  • 4 bonus lessons with guest speakers
  • 3 month access to the course
  • Secret mini course '7 Day Money Magnet Challenge'
  • Money Meditation bundle
  • personal guidance by Elizaveta
  • PRIVATE chat with Elizaveta
  • home tasks feedback


3 Monthly Payments
1318.33 USD


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